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The Next Forensic Artist Workshop :
"Police Composite Drawing & Interview"

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What is


Calgary Police Service
  September 25 -29, 2023
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FASElinks (pronounced FACE-links)  is a new idea based on an old concept.   The name comes from an acronym for Forensic Artist Skills Enhancement or 'FASE' ; and the idea of a 'network' or 'links' to other forensic artists. Together, they make 'FASElinks'.


FASElinks is a forum in which  Forensic Artists,  can meet, share ideas and enhance their skill set to improve the quality of their work and their abilities.  FASElinks is built on the backbone of one essential concept:  Peer teaching, sharing and critique is the most effective way to enhance skill level.  Our motto is SHARE, TEACH, LEARN.


FASElinks is aware that there are many great art teachers and forensic art instructors around the globe.  FASElinks is not designed to compete with these resources.  The FASElinks mission is to provide a forum in which Forensic Artists can share concepts, ideas, skills, resources and experiences with other forensic artists, through the website, and at our exciting, fun and informative workshop/conferences!



Through the FASElinks site and your free membership, you will be able to access resource materials and share some of your own.  Tips about drawing techniques, materials, administrative issues, reconstructions, law and judicial issues, Interview and whatever else you and your colleagues want to share, teach and learn about.


FASElinks offers an opportunity to attend, and participate in  workshops unlike anything you've ever attended.  The workshops are designed to teach specifically to aspects of Composite Drawings, Composite Interviews and drawing techniques and skills.   The key is that the attendee can manage their own skill development. 


The instruction at FASElinks Workshops focus on Composite Drawing, Realism Drawing techniques and the COMPOSITE INTERVIEW


And check out 'Workshop  - Tucson, AZ' page for all the details and to register for the next forensic art and drawing workshop like nothing you've experienced before!  This workshop is all about making new friends and having a great time while developing your professionalism and skills as a Forensic Artist

Who is

FASElinks is its members. 


My name is Duncan Way.  I'm an IAI certified forensic artist.  I am also a fine artist specializing in pencil work.  I'm the founder of FASElinks and its conception is based on some really simple observations.  


I have found that on many of the courses I have attended, the one aspect that I appreciate most is sharing ideas, techniques and methods with other forensic artists that I meet.  I quickly discovered that my very own peers and colleagues could offer me a wealth of knowledge and I found that I as well enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills with others.  I thought that this concept and opportunity should be made available to all Forensic Artists.  Thus, the creation of FASElinks!  Check out my art website at  

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