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Recap on Las Vegas 2015 coming soon!!  Along with feed back from the attendees! and a few more photos!!  Amazing Time, Amazing Group!

Well, the innaugural FASElinks Las Vegas Workshop 2014 was a big hit! 


We had an incredible group of talented artists from all four corners of the continent!   The entire group was so cohesive and got along famously!  We learned a lot, there was some incredible improvements and we had a ton of laughs!  We even had some winners at the tables!   An awesome time overall!  I really couldnt be happier!


There was an unexpected real thirst from the attendees to increase and enhance the realism in their work.  This was a lot of fun as we spent considerable time really enhancing drawing skills!  I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my realism skills and the one on one time I got to spend with everyone.


Special Thanks again to Hailey Duecker (Texas State University - Forensic Anthropology Center) and Jim Hulsey LVMPD (Ret.)) for taking time to come in a chat with us.  Also, it was a pleasure to have members of Las Vegas Metro Police Dept come by for Hailey's presentation!


The FASElinks Workshop 2015  will be booking very soon!  I have feedback from the attendees that 100% have the intention to return next year, so Im hoping we will book up fast!  Stay Tuned for booking details!


Checkout some Photos below and I included some of the comments I got back from my Post-Class Surveys.



Attendee Feedback

Here are just a few quotes from the attendees regarding

FASElinks Workshop Las Vegas 2014:

"Duncan was very hands-on, capable, and ensured that all his students were included in outings. He was approachable, patient, and open to suggestions. Excellent host."

"Some people are meant to teach and others aren't. Dunc just has the ability to get the message across."

"What I observed and appreciated the most about Duncan as a drawing instructor was his willingness to take time with each student. This individual attention helped him to identify what aspect of drawing was challenging them. What particularly stood out to me was how he actually took time to show his students how to tackle issues with their work by walking them through the process - by actually drawing beside them. He was eager to share his tricks-of-the-trade."

"world class."

"Duncan has a lot of talent to share and it was very enjoyable to learn from him."

"Duncan you are so skilled at drawing but your ability to show and explain was the best part of this for me."

"Most other classes use discussion and vague explanation to convey the message. Faselinks was different in that Duncan wasn't afraid to put his skills out there and actually draw examples or topics which posed challenges for others to see different ways to achieve the objective. Additionally encouraging the conversation within the class so students offered input. It was a great group of artists. Everyone seemed to gell well and had no problems sharing experience / abilities. "



"The collaboration and casual atmosphere. Everyone's differences were embraced and each person was encouraged to learn at their own pace. Because of this, I observed many successes. Why? It was a safe learning environment. Duncan made sure to recognize each individual student's growth as an artist. "


"One on one instruction where Duncan gave advice. I enjoyed thoroughly watching Duncan be so helpful and constructive with all the course candidates. "


"Practical hands on instruction allowed me to see the techniques work. The class format allowing students to share methods and ways to achieve the specific goal was very beneficial. "



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