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AVANS University - The Netherlands - 2015

AVANS University students   Join us October ?? - ??, 2015 on the Bredo Campus for our first ever European FASElinks workshop!


There are only 30 spots available to budding Forensic Artists who want to SHARE, TEACH and LEARN with their peers from around the country and the globe.   Spend the day sharing, teaching and learning with other Forensic Artists, then head to the pool, the boardwalk or the casino to enjoy all that Atlantic City has to offer! 


There will be a heavy influence of realism drawing so come ready to draw!


The FASElinks Atlantic City Workshop will focus on the Composite Drawing and enhancing your drawing skills.   It will also include topics like:  The Cognitve Interview and the Anatomy of the Human Face and include lectures from expert guest speakers.

But the best that YOU are the both the teacher and the student...and YOU will influence what you want to work on! 


Click on the link below for workshop requirements, materials, costs and to register for FASElinks Atlantic City 2015!!

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